Individual Insurance

Insurance for Individuals & Families in Minnesota & Wisconsin

When you're in charge of insuring yourself or your family, it's possible to spend a lot of time looking at your state's insurance exchange. There are tons of options, and it's not always clear exactly what coverage you are getting.

At NPF Benefits, we help make things clear. When you work with us, you’ll work with an experienced broker who is licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We can explain the plan details, networks, and pharmacy benefits. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re spending, what you’re getting and why it’s important.

Should I Go With a Broker or Just Shop on the Exchange?

Insurance exchanges—like MNsure in Minnesota and the Federal Exchange in Wisconsin—let people review healthcare insurance companies and plan options.

With a certified MNsure and Federal Exchange broker from NPF Benefits, however, you can get much more. A broker can make plan recommendations for you and compare plans based on your needs. If you want to know if you’re making the best decision for you and your family, speaking with a certified broker will give you the insight you need.

You may benefit by going to the exchange. You might be eligible for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC).  These tax credits can help you reduce your monthly premiums, but there’s a catch. Not everyone qualifies. When you call us, we’ll ask you some questions to see if you might be eligible.

Brokers Can Help You Navigate the Exchange

At NPF Benefits, you’ll work with a MNsure (Minnesota) and Federal Exchange certified broker (Wisconsin). This means we can help you navigate these two exchanges with ease and comfort. We are licensed by the State of Minnesota and Wisconsin to explain, recommend and enroll you into a healthcare plan

As your consultants, we’ll give you clear information on the benefits of exchanges or going directly to the carrier.  We get compensated the same no matter what direction we take, so you know our guidance is unbiased. Our top priority is to offer you all your options, so you can make the right choices.

Individual & Family Health Plans

Traditional Copay Plans

  • You pay a fee at the time of service

Qualified high-deductible health plan (QHDHP)

  • You pay first $1,400 (single) or $2,800 (Family)
  • Can pair this healthcare option with a Health Saving Account (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

  • Reduces your overall tax burden
  • You save taxes on Federal & State income tax
  • Single $3,550
  • Family $7,100
  • 55+ $1,000 catch up contribution

Ancillary Benefits

Individual/Family Dental

  • Covers exams, cleanings, and x-rays
  • Reduces the expense on covered procedures making them more affordable
  • Many medical issues can be found through a routine dental exam

Individual/Family Vision

  • Covers annual exams and offers credits towards the purchase of eye-wear or contact lenses
  • Many medical issues can be found through a routine dental exam

Long-term Care

  • Helps pay for non-medical care
  • Custodial care: bathing, eating, getting out of bed, showering, dressing and using the bathroom
  • Medicare and Social Security doesn’t pay for custodial care
  • Pays for services provided at your home, assisted living, and nursing home

Life Insurance

  • Provides a lump-sum of cash to your beneficiary. Typically, tax-free
  • Pays for off debt, funeral expense, replaces needed income for surviving family members
  • We broker over 70 different life insurance companies
    • We can find the right policy for you
    • We offer both term and permanent insurance policies
  • It’s your own policy
    • The policy continues and is with you if you ever leave your work

Disability Insurance

  • Short-term disability
    • Offers you a weekly income if you become sick or injured
    • Typically, last for 90 days from the date of sickness or injury
  • Long-term disability
    • Offers you monthly income if you sick or injured starting 90 days and may continue to age 65.
  • We can design a plan with both short and long-term disability or one or the other.
  • Disability is the backbone to any financial plan

Talk With a Broker About Your Health Insurance Options

If you'd like to talk with a broker about your health insurance and benefit options, get in touch with NPF Benefits. Call our downtown St. Paul office at 651-371-6512 or request a quote online to get started.